Marsha Stephanie Blake Joins How To Get Away With Murder Cast!

Marsha Stephanie Blake (Orange is the New Black) has officially landed herself a role in the final series of How To Get Away With Murder. The series will be its sixth and is coming out soon – but not soon enough for fans!
Blake’s role will be a recurring role in the series but there haven’t been any specific details that have been released as of yet about who she will be playing or how they play into the current infrastructure of the show.
We have been given an insight into what can we expect from the next series, however. It will be following Professor Annalise Keating – portraying by Viola Davis –  and her class of students during their last term in law school. However, this is How To Get Away With Murder so it isn’t going to be as easy as studying for exams or frat parties. There will still be an overwhelming theme of lies, fear and secrets that will bring Keating and her students closer than ever.
There will be a whole array of familiar faces as a majority of the cast are reprising their roles. But as for our newbie, Blake has already receieved a nomination for an Emmy for her work on When They See Us, a Netflix original. Other works of hers include See You Yesterday and Luce. We can’t wait to see what she will do with her character and when the series starts up again, you can expect posts depicting our thoughts!
Are you excited for the next series? Let us know what you want to see in the comments below!

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